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Introducing Hexahedron 999 ®

Biophoton Infused Living Water ™


              ● Making A Big Difference

                               To the health and growth of plants


              ● Making A Big Difference

                               To the life and health of animals


              ● Making A Big Difference

                               To the Environment


              ● Making A Big Difference

                               To our General Well Being


More Biophotons = EQUALS =  More Light


And More Light = EQUALS = More Life-Force Energy


Plants become what you feed them with !


The body becomes what you feed it with !


We Can Make A Big Difference


Domestic Units

Hexahedron 999 Garden Hose Unit : Water Restructuring, Water Revitalizing, for Hexagonal Restructured and Revitalized Water using the Science of Biophotonics, Biophotons Infused Alive Water

Gardening Units

Commercial / Agricultural Units

The 8 Images

within a  Single Biophoton