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Biophoton Infused Living Water

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LEFT - Watered with Hexahedron 999 Water

RIGHT - Watered with untreated tap water


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The very next day it shocked me, the plants lifted somehow ... they lifted their stems by about 5 inches  ... Page 1



I was pleasantly surprised to see such a rapid change.  All  of the

plants seemed to be more alive, more green ... Page 2


One month after installation, I have noticed a reduction in the mortality rate of the chickens on a daily basis ... Page 3


The bees sure are enjoying the nectar from these flowers and they are not aggressive ... Page 4


After only one week recirculating the water 24 hours a day through the Hexahedron 999 ... we can see the bottom of the pond ... Page 5


In preceding years we often had a problem with aphids ... but this

year we had none. ... Page 6



The results were outstanding - truly miraculous ... Page 7


In our swimming pool, we use much less chlorine and our water is soft and crystalline ... Page 8


I have never had such a beautiful garden and very healthy ... Page 9



The leaves on the test plant became over 50% larger and more flower buds were bursting open ... Page 10




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Let There Be Light : In Your Water And In Your Food