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June 4, 2003 - Water Softening Testimony


Hi – We should register our two Hexahedron water treatment units.  We have not tried the Mini yet but will put it on rotation schedule in the garden now that it is getting warmer and drier out.  

The full size (Whole House) unit has been installed for a month now and we cannot believe that it works so well.  I was skeptical because after examining it there does not seem to be any reason that water should feel any different after going through it.  There can be no chemical changes but it certainly does something to the water!

We have had a water softener for years but recently Carrol had become irritated by the salt in the water.  Our oldest son gets a rash and itches from the softened water when he visits.  Our visiting Bio Kinesiologsit (____), tested Carrol on the softened water and said it definitely was not good for her.  This led to the purchase of your system.  We have the water tested regularly and have an alkalinity and hardness of around 200mg/l each time.  PH of 7.3.  Soft water is less than 75mg/l and 300mg/l is considered Hard.  Without the water softener the water did not lather and left hard water stain on the tub and shower doors.  It was like a milky scale.  Showering was not as enjoyable.  Carrol pushed me to try the Water A-Live (Hexahedron 999) unit that we had heard about from Cal`s wife.  She said it made their very hard well water up in Prince George feel much better.  Now we are happy that we installed the unit.

I was the first to admit that it works!  I had to take a big gob of shampoo twice to get any lather prior to the installation of the Hexahedron unit so imagine my surprise when I had so much lather when I first used the shower after installing it that I had enough lather in my hair from the first try that I could have washed my whole body with it.  I only use a small dab now.  I even have to be careful that I don`t take to much shaving gel because it lathers much better too.  I do not think the water is any softer but it sure lathers like softened water.  


Carrol left her test strips at your house when we were there to purchase the unit so when our son came from Nelson he brought some and our water still tests hard.  It just seems soft. It feels good.  Thanks.


 See you, lots of love, God bless you,

Jack & Carrol ... British Columbia CANADA

February 24, 2003 - Plant Testimony


I am sending you this testimonial on my experience with the Mini Hexahedron 999 Unit.  After spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Excelex in their home some time ago and seeing and tasting the results of their vegetables grown with the Hexahedron Water we absolutely had to purchase one for ourselves as we operate a hydroponics store we are constantly looking for ways to improve our vegetables and plants so we can in turn improve our health. When we got back home we instantly put the unit on our hydroponics system we were very impressed with the results but in the meantime my father had been diagnosed with cancer so we took the unit off the system to put on to my dad's drinking water to benefit his condition.  After taking the unit off the hydroponics system I noticed right away that the plants looked wilted even though they had not had anything else changed so we ordered 6 more units and soon as they came in we put another one on the system hoping that it would bring them back the way they were.  WELL the very next day it shocked me, the plants lifted somehow, standing up I call it, they lifted their stems by about 5 inches it was like they had just been given a major boost to their systems.  I am still very impressed with the way they are doing.  Thank-you  


Halls 'N Herb's Hydroponics and Farms

British Columbia, CANADA