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Legal Notice

Licensing and Royalty Fees


Using the Hexahedron 999® for making third-party products


Many people are using the Hexahedron 999® Biophoton water for the making of their own products (third-party products).  While we encourage such endeavours - we do not allow the attaching of the Hexahedron 999® name, our trademarks and/or our biophoton research to such products - without prior written agreement.  Licensing and/or Royalty Fees may apply in such cases - according to the type of agreement involved.  This includes, but is not limited to, any form of bottled water (see below), processed foods and produce and various beverages.


There are many years of research and expense that has gone into the development of our products - accordingly, the simple act of purchasing one of our products does not entitle anyone to use our research as a means for marketing their own products made with a Hexahedron 999®.  For example, we had one lady who was making soap using biophoton rich Hexahedron 999® water.  She subsequently published product flyers for her product (soap) - 80% of the flyer consisted of our biophoton images and research data.  This is inappropriate - if you wish to attach your product to our name and use our research for marketing it - licensing and royalty fees will apply.  This does not prevent you using the Hexahedron 999® to make your third-party product - you simply cannot market your product using the basis of our technology and/or research, in any form, without a prior written agreement.



Hexahedron 999® Units used for any type of water bottling are leased from the manufacturer - fees are based on volume of water bottled.  All water bottling is subject to a licensing agreement - whether it is your intention to utilize or reference our research or not.



The Hexahedron 999® is being used for many agricultural and commercial farming applications - there is no restriction on such use.  It is only IF or WHEN you use our product name(s), trademarks and/or biophoton research as a means for marketing and/or the active commercialisation of your produce - that licensing and/or royalty fees may apply.

Attention : the use of the Hexahedron 999® and its trademark(s) and/or the Biophoton Research and/or any published R&D as a means for the marketing and/or commercialisation of any form of third-party product including bottled water and/or processed food or produce and/or various beverages is strictly prohibited ... without the prior written agreement of Mrs. E. Excelex - licensing and royalty fees may apply, according to the agreement.