Hexahedron 999 ®

Water Revitalizing and Restructuring Units

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Biophoton Infused Living Water

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Hexahedron 999®

Commercial /

Agricultural Units

Our growing results using the Hexahedron 999® show that plants absorb more nutrients - growing faster, larger and yielding more produce :


● Faster sprouting time by up to 20-40%

● Higher percentage of successful sprouting

● Plants reach maturity faster (according to type of plant)

● Increased yields by up to 20% or more

● With greater nutritive values having a higher BRIX content


More Produce - Better Quality -

Faster to the Market !


With the added benefits :


● Reduce the amount of fertilizer by up to 30% or more

● Minimize or eliminate the use of pesticides - the

    higher energy  frequency  of the plants acts as a

    deterrent for insects

● Extend the time you have to sell your produce

    by up to 50%, due to increased shelf life

● Ship perishable items to farther locations,

   expanding your market

● Charge a premium for your product because

    of the superior taste and shelf life


Good for your Health  

Good for the Environment

Good for your Bottom Line !

Hexahedron 999®

Domestic Units

... Gardening

... Commercial

Hexahedron 999® Whole House Units

Combined with a DUO filtering system of Sediment and /or KDF55®GAC


● Improves Taste

● Eliminates Odour

● Removes Heavy Metals

● Removes Chlorine

● Increases Negative Ions

● Softens the Water up to 8 grains

Hexahedron 999® Point-of-Use Units

Counter Top Unit

Under Counter Unit

Shower / Bath Unit

Duplex 10 inch

Family Model

For  households up to 5 persons - the Hexahedron 999 is combined with a DuPlex 10 inch Big Blue filtering system . Good for dwelling surface up to 2500 sq feet


TriPlex 10 inch

Family Model

For larger households of 5 or more persons using a large volume of water  the Hexahedron 999 is combined with a TriPlex 10 inch Big Blue filtering system.  Good for dwelling surface up to  5000 sq feet


Hexahedron 999 Whole House Unit : Water Restructurer, Water Revitalizer, for Hexagonally Structured Water using the Science of Biophotonics