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Good for You

● Increases the Biophotons and Structures the Water

● Bringing more Life Force Energy into the water


Good for your Health

● Provides better hydration of cells

● Facilitates better absorption of nutrients

● Increases Negative Ions (anti-oxydent)


Good for your Household

● Creates a velvety soft water texture

● Removes foul taste and odour

● Removes heavy metals and chlorine

● Softens the water without salt (up to 8 grains)

● Better lathering of soaps and shampoos

● Reduces scale in pipes


Good for your Environment

● Plants grow faster, larger and yield more flowers & fruit

● Extends the life of cut flowers

● Keeps swimming pools  & ponds cleaner / healthier

●  Healthier lawns and gardens

● Garden produce has greater nutritive values with

    higher Brix content


Zero External Energy - Zero Movable Parts

Zero Noise - Zero Maintenance -

Zero Man-Made Magnets

Fast and Simple Installation

Gardening - Agricultural and Commercial Units Also Available

Hexahedron 999®

Domestic Units

Combined with a DUO filtering system of Sediment and /or KDF55®GAC


● Improves Taste

● Eliminates Odour

● Removes Heavy Metals

● Removes Chlorine

● Increases Negative Ions

● Softens the Water up to 8 grains

Hexahedron 999® Point-of-Use Units

Counter Top Unit

Under Counter Unit

Shower / Bath Unit

Duplex 10 inch

Family Model

For  households up to 5 persons - the Hexahedron 999 is combined with a DuPlex 10 inch Big Blue filtering system . Good for dwelling surface up to 2500 sq feet


TriPlex 10 inch

Family Model

For larger households of 5 or more persons using a large volume of water  the Hexahedron 999 is combined with a TriPlex 10 inch Big Blue filtering system.  Good for dwelling surface up to  5000 sq feet


Hexahedron 999 Whole House Unit : Water Restructurer, Water Revitalizer, for Hexagonally Structured Water using the Science of Biophotonics