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1  - MEGA Tomato

2  - Structured Tomatoes

3  - Cucumbers Structured

4  - Burdock Structured

5  - Rhubarb Structured

6  - Leaves of Structured Plants

7  - Tobacco Structured

8  - Cut Roses

9  - Geraniums Structured (1)

10 - Geraniums Structured (2)

11 - Petunias Structured

12 - Apples Structured

13 - Hubbard Squash

14 - Celery Structured

15 - Russian Kale

16 - Strawberries Structured

17 - Banana Plant Structured

18 - Lemon Tree Structured

19 - Mullen Structured

20 - Germination of Wheat

21 - Germination of Rye

22 - Germination of Soya

Photo Gallery


The Photo Gallery presented in the left-hand tool bar ... represents the original research conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Excelex from 2001 to 2003.  This research shows the effect of structured water on the growth of plants in their garden and greenhouse ... as well as their tests on the sprouting of seeds and grains ... using the Hexahedron 999® Water Revitalizing and Restructuring System.  Simply follow the links on the left of this page.   These images show the  growth and size of the plants ... but what they cannot show is the exceptional  taste


If you want to read about the experiences that other people are having using the Hexahedron 999 Water Revitalizing and Restructuring System ... then simply go to the TESTIMONIES link at the top of each page.   These are unsolicited and unpaid testimonies from users of the Hexahedron 999 System in their daily lives.  


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Now, if you are a real sceptic and want to see more concrete, scientific proof , then simply go to the CASE STUDIES link at the top of each page.  Here you will find independent out-sourced research, using the Hexahedron 999 System, conducted in a controlled test environment.  You will also find various lab tests conducted in-house as well as by various distributors and/or consumer users.



For an in-depth discourse on the subject of structured water and biophotons  ...

we invite you to download the book :


Let There Be Light : In Your Water And In Your Food